In Wisconsin, consumers who need more substantial financing seek installment loans. The products offer a higher loan value that is paid through monthly payments. Lenders offer the loans to all consumers including individuals with bad credit. A local lender offers high-value loans right now to meet the consumer’s needs.

Applying for the Loans

The application process for the installment loans is a little more complex than it is for paydays. The consumers don’t need perfect credit to receive the loans. However, the interest rate for the loan is determined according to the consumer’s credit rating. The application process still requires information about their income and employment. The lender must verify all information before the loan value is discussed.

The Highest Loan Value

The installment loans offer consumers up to $2,000 based on their ability to repay the loan. The value is offered initially to consumers even if they have bad credit. The loan value won’t increase unless the consumers prove their creditworthiness. The new values are often available if the consumer pays all their payments on time and doesn’t incur any late charges or more finance fees.

How are the Payments Obtained?

The payments are obtained through an automatic draft from the consumer’s bank account. The consumer must sign a consent form for the lender to obtain the automatic payments. The consumer may have the option to pay the payments in person if they live in the local area.

Can the Consumer Renew the Loans?

After the consumer pays the loan in full, they have the opportunity to renew their loans. However, the process requires timely payments without any issues. Lenders may increase the loan value at a slow pace if the consumer needs more money. The products are also available to help consumers repair their credit and increase their ratings.

In Wisconsin, consumers apply for installment loans to obtain a higher loan value. The products aren’t the same as payday loans that are paid back on the next payday. The loans are paid through a structured plan for up to six months. Consumers who need to obtain the loans contact Blue Trust Loans and file an application right now.