Understanding More about Septic Systems

Septic Systems treat underground sewer water for reuse. Septic systems control dirty water from home and treats it. These systems save more costs compared to the sewer systems which are found in other areas.

A septic system is simple in design and this make them less expensive in installation and maintenance. There are two main parts in a septic system, the drainfield and the septic tank. Inlet piping and outlet piping are made in the waterproof septic tank which is usually made of concrete. The sewer pipe conducts the wastewater to the tank from the household. The method used in this system is real simple. It stores the water in the tank for a long time until the liquid and the solids separate. Several trenches are formed to establish the disposal field. These trenches are separated with coarse sand and gravel. From the surface, it is made to go a depth of about three feet. The trenches are distributed with water from drain pipes which contain holes.

The solids which then remain in the septic tank are pumped out. The tank is cleaned in a regular basis following some frequency which is controlled by some factors. The number of homestead members is the first factor. Amount of the sewer water that come from the particular home. And the amount of solids available in the wastewater.Then the volume of waste solids in the water.

Some need to be pumped after a year or two. Others can go for even ten to twenty years. This depends on the wastewater accumulation. To be free from bad smell, the tank should be made of concrete or fiberglass. This can make it last for more than fifty years. Septic tank usually does not require maintenance. When the rules are maintained then the functional life of the tank is protected.

Signs are available that show when there is failure in the septic system. Here they are. The waste pipes for drainage from the house being poor. The wastes in the tank show whether the waste pipes are in good condition. Unworthy inlet and outlet pipes lead to failure of the system. leakage of the semi-decomposed wastes from the septic tank.

There are also ways to take care of your septic systems.Always unpaved the surface that is above the system. It should also be clear and not obstructed. No planting of trees and shrubs in this area. This is for providing enough space for evaporation to take place and circulation of air. The absorption field should be covered lightly and not with hard materials. Grass is preferred to cover the area for the purpose of light coverage and absorption of excessive water. Surface runoff should be directed from the absorption field.

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