The Significance of Web Design

These days, who would teach the kids to not critic a company by its website? The web design creates a great impact in a client’s perspective in your business regardless of your great content that you have in your webpage. What matters is the trust you are building to your clients and not only captivating them.

A study shows that may people are mistrusting a company because of its design and not of its content.

Complexity of the layouts, popping up and flashing out of advertisements, having small fonts, a plain and boring design, and having slow speed in loading contents are those factors they have considered in mistrusting websites.

A poor first impression is created by a poor web design.

If you are planning to design a website that would help you in your business, here are 5 elements to know about to create a website that is worthy of a trust.

1. Strategically Planned Layout

You can organize and emphasize the content by using the layout of the site that would lead the website visitor through a story. As to your main goal, you can show them the nature of your business or what it is all about by giving them idea on what to do next in your page by showing them a form to fill up or showing them your products or services that you offer.

2. Use White Space.

It is very discouraging to users to have a complex layouts. Using white space is important for the better. The other name for white space is negative space and it does not need to be white in color but it has the absence of some elements. You can use the color as a background.
It is also important to take note of the consistency in spacing between the pictures or lines in a paragraph. It is also advisable that there is more white space surrounding the element as it attracts more attention.

3. Knowing about Typography.

If you don’t want to burden your website with a lot of text, you have to make sure that you have a readable, consistent and visually attractive typography.In typography, the font size, family and style are included. As long as you have a readable typography, you can play and with the titles of the web page. Just remember that having a lot of font styles and sizes can be distracting to our eyes.

4. Color Theme

Different emotions in people can be evoked by different colors and its combination. You can actually give your visitors an impression of security, trustworthy and professional by using the color dark blue. The colors can help you attract more visitors to you website. Use colors that would complement the logo in your business.

5. Having Amazing Photos.
Web pages will be boring when there are no images in the site. It is expected by the readers that the page will be mixed with the icons, photos and logos. A small set of photos can definitely help you show your products to the visitors.

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