How To Sell Excess Diabetic Test Strips

Most of the companies which deliver the strips to you might send you an extra box every time a delivery is made. This is usually a precaution to ensure that you do not ever miss to take you test. At times you might be receiving the strips even when you are done. The other reasons you might have unused diabetic strips is when you change diabetic testing meters. Testing meters should only change if the doctor said so. When the tests have been done for a long period of time the more strips you have.

Even though many people might not know this, unused diabetic strips can make you some money. There are many places you can sell your diabetic strips within your locality. Keeping extra strips is a useless thing to do. You should not throw away excess strips if you can sell them. Selling strips is not prohibited by the law. You will be surprised how many people want to buy the strip. Some people will take the strips from the sellers and fail to pay the price. Do not be a victim for such people.

The best way to sell your strips is through online. The first thing that any seller should do is finding how much the strips are worth. In most cases you will find the rates of the buyer on the website and they also have a calculator. The value you get should be the same amount that the buyer sends to you. There are application forms which should be filled on the website. Do not forget to include the method of payment that you prefer. It is the duty of the buyer to mail you the shipping label. If not they will send a mailing kit with a box and label.

The shipping charges are usually paid by the buyers before shipping is done. Labeling g the shipping box is crucial after you have loaded all the boxes that contain the diabetic test strip. You can now drop the strips at a post office or give it to the postal carrier. It will take two up to seven days before the parcel is received. The strips have to reach the buyer first before payments are done. This is important because the buyer has to ensure that the strips you have sent have not expired already. If the dates are okay you money will be sent. The payment is usually made through PayPal. You can also opt for checks and receive money after three days.

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