Where to Eat in Solvang

If you have come to Solvang for a visit, undoubtedly you are looking to learn about Solvang restaurants. Luckily, this area of California has many options to choose from. What is remarkable about this small Danish-Californian city is how few people know about it. Solvang has plenty of culture, food, and fun to keep you entertain throughout your trip. Keep reading to learn all about what this great place has to offer.

There are a variety of different types of restaurants in Solvang. But undoubtedly, the town is most famous for its Danish food. From Danish fruit pastries to specially prepared burgers, Danish influence can be observed in many of the local restaurants. One special dish is a certain type of sausage with Danish origins. Though not quite as well known as German beer, the Danes have created some delicious beer in their own right. Fried pancake balls, dipped in jam, are also a popular dish. Beef stew with a Danish twist is also a very common menu item, especially when it gets a bit chilly in winter time.

Of course, many other types of food can be found as well. There is something to satisfy anyone. The fresh, sustainable, organic California cuisine is also popular here. Several types of sandwich dishes are common in the area, though some are significantly more health conscious than others. Not in the mood for a sandwich either, then try out a lobster bisque starter with ravioli main course.

Many visitors are surprised by the variety of food and culture offered by such a small and relatively unknown town. Food is not the only attraction in the Santa Ynez valley, but it certainly should be one of them. It is not at all uncommon to see young foodies flocking to Santa Ynez, with taste buds and camera in hand. But do not let that lead you to believe that there is nothing besides food in Solvang. The town has several local theaters and cultural events. You can also choose to simply spend your time outside, relaxing and enjoying the rich splendor of natural beauty in the Santa Ynez valley region.

When you come visit Solvang, be sure to come with an empty stomach though, as there are so many wonderful dishes to taste. And to wash down your meal, why not try one of the many famous wines from the region? Whether you are just passing through or a long time resident, you are sure to be continually charmed by this lovely Californian town.

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